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A Quarter of your heat is lost through an uninsulated loft, think of the heating bills in winter! We use the highest quality insulation and recommend you opt for 270mm insulation as standard.  We can discuss this during your survey and chose  from a range of :

  • Glass wool loft roll products insulate very well thanks to its manufacture from glass fibre. When the glass fibres are bound together the process traps small pockets of air between the glass fibres, giving thermally insulating properties. Glass wool products are often credited with being environmentally friendly thanks to the fact that they’re manufactured from recycled glass that would otherwise find itself in a landfill.

  • Mineral Wool, is manufactured by the process of spinning or drawing minerals which creates fibres in a cotton candy-type pattern. Similar to the production of glass wool, this process traps air and this is what gives mineral wool a thermally insulating quality. 

  • Sheep’s wool insulation is manufactured entirely from the wool of a sheep, often with the finished product containing an adhesive to securely bond the wool together to create batt, roll and rope insulation products. Sheep’s wool insulation has the fantastic benefit of being not only a thermally insulating product but also one that offers acoustic insulation as well. 

  • Sound-reducing loft roll insulation is a great addition to any insulation project. For use in partition walls, ceilings, roofs and floors you can install acoustic loft roll to give some rooms extra privacy, to reduce impact noise from those above, or to protect your home from noises externally.

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