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Your new loft flooring , loft ladders and whole new space may benefit from further accessories, ask about our bespoke range from shelving to lighting

We can add storage solutions to your package if you wish, window and lights.  Speak to one of our team around your requirements

Loft Clearance Service

An integral part of our service when adding your Loft insulation and Flooring, is loft clearance, we are happy to remove your unwanted stuff, that has stockpiled and is no longer needed as part of our service, just ask when you speak to us,.

Lofts are a very useful place that 86% of us use to store our things. However over time the loft can get very full of all sorts of things both useful, and also useless and at some point we all need to clear the loft out.

Your loft can be a dirty place and many risks involved in getting your items in and out. You may not have time to do it yourself, you may be unable to move your things safely or comfortably.

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