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Our loftzone light weight loft flooring system is the best choice for new build houses.

And it’s doesn’t invalidate your new build warranty!

With summer holidays upon us, many households will be challenged for space at home. Children toys are fun but take up so much space. I know when my house is messy and cluttered my mind is messy and cluttered. And that’s not a recipe for a happy home!

There were times especially after birthdays and Christmas I was over whelmed by the need to store toys and things... Before we thought of using our loft 2 store our things!!

In just two days we can give you that extra space to store your things. Why not call and get your free loft survey... with growing families, Christmas only months away... there really couldn’t be a better time to create a hobby room in your loft, or simply add more space to store your things.

We supply and fit ease access loft ladders, safety rails lights and even roof windows.

Let us help you and give you peace of mind durino this school holiday!!

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